Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast - Solved

The fast draining of the battery charge is one of the most common problems faced by iPhone users, even though some of the iPhone users have purchased their devices recently and The phone is still new. In general, this problem is a major concern for iPhone users because the fast draining of the battery power can expose you to bad situations during travel and in the case of being in some places where it's difficult to charge your iPhone. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on the reasons that lead to this so that we can avoid these reasons and preserve the iPhone battery charge for as long as possible and reduce the number of times it's being charged.

Why is my iPhone battery draining so fast - Solved

Reasons why is my iPhone battery draining so fast:

1- Background Activity Apps:

Sometimes we install some applications on the iPhone, but these apps may contain internal problems that may affect the battery performance and drain the battery excessively even when these applications are not in use, meaning that they run in the background of the system and consume battery power.

In general, this problem is very common among iPhone and iPad users, so you should always make sure of the applications installed on your device and make sure that they work normally in terms of their energy consumption and that they don't run in the background for a long time. You can do this easily by going to the iPhone settings and then going to "Battery" where you can see the applications that consume the most power, where they are arranged from highest to lowest and the percentage of power consumption for each application appears next to it.

Background Activity Apps

You will also find that some apps appear under the word "Background Activity" which means that this application is running in real time in the background. If the application running in the background has a large share of power consumption, close it to save power.

2- Most Battery-Draining Apps:

There are also some apps that consume a large portion of the battery power without any problems with them because the nature of their work depends on that and we call them "The Most Battery-Draining Apps". These apps are social media applications and applications that require the activation of GPS. If you use them on your iPhone, make sure not to run them for long periods of time because they are the ones that consume and drain the battery power quickly, and therefore you will need to charge your phone at short intervals.

3- Running Bluetooth for Long Times:

Turning on Bluetooth on the iPhone devices for a long time is one of the things that leads to the rapid draining battery power, so you should turn off Bluetooth if you aren't using it for anything and only turn it on when you will use it to transfer files or for any other purpose.

4- Turning on Wi-Fi and Mobile Data Unnecessarily:

iPhone Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi and Mobile Data are among the things that lead to the rapid draining of the iPhone battery. Despite their importance for connecting to the internet, you should turn them off if you aren't using the internet for anything. There's no need to leave them on unless you're waiting for a specific notification on a social media application or anything else. Also the location services "GPS" can drain your battery, therefore, turn it off after you finish using it.

5- High Screen Brightness:

High screen brightness is one of the major factors that lead to increased iPhone battery drain and reduced its life. Therefore, if the iPhone screen brightness is high, battery consumption will be faster.

My advice to you is to make sure to keep the brightness within the permissible limit and avoid excessive brightness, and you can also adjust the brightness to be automatic so that the iPhone adjusts the screen brightness according to the ambient light level. To do this, go to "Settings", then go to the "Display & Brightness" option, and then activate "True Tone".

6- Not Adjusting the Auto-Lock settings:

Keeping the iPhone screen on without using the phone will definitely consume some unnecessary power. We here speak about  the automatic screen lock feature, where you should set this feature so that the iPhone turns off the screen after a short period to save and preserve battery life.

To adjust the  Auto-Lock feature go to "Settings", then go to "Display & Brightness". After that tap Auto-Lock and adjust it at 35 seconds or lower that..

7- Not Using the Dark Mode on iPhone:

Using Dark Mode on iPhones is very important for significantly reducing battery drain, where when enabled, a small amount of battery power will be used to illuminate the screen. To activate Dark Mode, go to Settings, then "Display & Brightness" and then tap on "Dark"  to activate the dark mode.

Dark Mode on iPhone

8- Ignoring iOS version updates:

It is important to update the iOS system installed on your device to the latest available version, as Apple fixes some issues that exist within the system, particularly those related to battery drain. Additionally, the company adds some essential enhancements to optimize the overall iPhone performance in general and the battery efficiency in particular.

9- Not using Low Power Mode:

Your iPhone's battery may be draining quickly because you haven't enabled Low Power Mode. This mode disables certain features on your iPhone to save power and improve the overall performance, and you can activate it from the Battery settings.

Enable Low Power Mode

10- Background App Refresh:

Certain Apps are already designed to run in the background without any issues to be able to send updates, messages, and perform other tasks. However, as I mentioned in the first point at the beginning of this article, running Apps in the background for long times can significantly drain your iPhone's battery and shorten its life.

Turn off Background App Refresh

Therefore, it's essential to disable the "Background App Refresh" feature for either all apps or only some og theme. To do that open "Settings", then tap "General", and then turn Background App Refresh off by selecting the "Off" option or you can select Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi & Cellular Data option to to refresh apps when using one of them as you can see above.

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